Orange Label’s Social Media Marketing Glossary – What You Need to Know

August 28, 2018

UGC, KPI, CTR…why does social media terminology start to sound like military speak? Let us help you decode social media management with this crash course on how to speak the social media lingo.

Content Types
Social media strategies include a variety of content, including the below.















Above is an example of UGC, reposted by the brand featured, Greenwell Farms.

Key Metrics
Whether you are pursuing Facebook marketing or LinkedIn marketing, social media would just be content without KPIs to measure success and analyze your social media strategy. Social media metrics include data that gives you insight as to how your social media marketing is working.










Various engagements, including likes, comments, shares and 10-second video views, are shown underneath this post on Del Monte Shopping Center’s Facebook page.

A good social media strategy is creative, builds a community of likeminded users, elicits response and drives ROI. Ready to put your social media to work? Learn more about social media marketing, analytics and Orange Label’s social media capabilities at

Written By: Lily RiceDamien Dalli

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