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June 13, 2023

I was at the Awards Ceremony for Family Owned Businesses in Orange County a few weeks back put on by the Orange County Business Journal. People were buzzing around during the networking portion of the event and I could not help but notice the topics of conversation around the rapidly changing business environment and the impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on business. As the event shifted to the presentation of awards, one of the speakers joked about his use of AI for his speech and started reading it. The room was silent as he droned on about blah, blah, blah and you could tell it was generated by a very basic prompt. The speaker then stopped and said he was just kidding and swiftly launched into his real speech that was personal, authentic and only something he could share. The crowd laughed and was immediately drawn in by the emotional connection he made with the audience – a human connection.

I’m not knocking AI by any means, I’m merely making the point that if you want to make a human connection, you’ll have a higher chance using personal, emotional words or stories that are authentically yours. From a brand perspective, this is imperative for building long-term brand value. I recently had the opportunity to interview Paul Roetzer, Co-Founder of the Marketing AI Institute on The 19 Marketing Podcast by Orange Label: How AI Impacts Marketing. Paul shares, “I’ve found my own listening and viewing and reading habits have evolved to where I want to listen to podcasts where I’m just hearing someone talk. I want to be at a live event where I’m seeing someone in person and knowing it’s them and their thoughts. I want to see videos of interviews where people are having conversations and want to read editorials and things with points of view. So I think podcast metrics might become more important. YouTube video views might become more important versus like the traditional web metrics of views and time on page. I feel like those KPIs may evolve in the next couple of years as the kind of content people consume and how they consume changes.”

Roetzer points out that people will start to crave different types of content that are authentic and real and not so commoditized. On the flip side, Paul does share about the “Next-Gen Marketer” and defines it as someone who is willing to embrace smarter technology. This could be an intern all the way up to the CMO or CEO, for that matter. Paul goes on to share that it’s “really people who think about application of smarter technology to intelligently automate tasks, unlock creativity and drive performance that maybe their peers just can’t achieve.”

Doing some analytical work on laptop

At Orange Label we are embracing the change that AI brings. We are testing platforms, listening to the marketplace and guiding our clients on best practices. Hear from some team members below on what they are doing to embrace AI:

Wes: I am allocating personal time to keep up to date with the rapid emergence of AI technology. I am supporting the internal team with tools to equip them to use AI in ways that help their career growth and help our clients make strides in understanding and benefiting from AI.

Debbie: For me it’s embracing that it’s here and a reality.  I continue to gain knowledge through articles that are constantly in the news in particular if they relate to creativity, HR and the finance world, as well as podcasts and webinars shared by our team, continuing to encourage and provide resources to all of our team members so that we all stay relevant.

Michelle: AI is here and growing and changing fast. To keep up, I am taking a course as well as tuning in to the latest webinars and podcasts on the topic and how it specifically can change the way we market to consumers. We have embraced tools that create efficiencies and allow us to focus on more strategic work, from meeting notes to brainstorming documentation.

Kelsey: I’ve been immersing myself in AI-focused podcasts to learn about the latest developments and workshops to sharpen my abilities to use large language models (LLMs). I am constantly evaluating new AI software through demos, assessing how they can enhance our work and unlock new possibilities for creativity and efficiency. I’ve also had the opportunity to leverage large language models in content and video creation to better serve our clients.

Aubrey: I have been researching AI tools for our clients and for Orange Label that provide ways to scale engaging content based on AI learnings and optimizations.

Sam: I am working with software like ChatGPT and AnyWord to kick off the creative process when developing social media content.

Ashley: For myself, using Jasper, AnyWord and Chat GPT as a starting point for creative ideas.

Micah: I have attended some webinars that discuss the opportunities with AI and have started to experiment with ChatGPT.

Here are just a few AI resources and their function if you or your team are inclined to dive into AI and its possibilities.

Google Bard: content writing, outline writing, idea generation, brainstorming

OpenAI/Chat GPT/GPT 4: content writing, outline writing, idea generation, brainstorming

Rytr: content writing, outline writing, idea generation, brainstorming

Jasper: content writing, outline writing, idea generation, brainstorming

GrowthBar: SEO blog content

Surfer SEO: SEO and content

MarketMuse: content planning

Dall.e: realistic images and art imagery

Looka: logo builder

Runway: video, graphic editing

10Web: website builder on WordPress

Autopod: multi-camera editor + social clip editor + jump cuts

RoEx: audio mixer (RoEx Automix) + feedback on mixed or master audio (Mix Check Studio)

Project Shasta: Adobe – full suite podcast services

Murf AI: voiceovers

AIPRM (Chat GPT Plug in): prompts

Illumin: programmatic with AI component for serving content dependent on sales funnel

Optimove: personalized multichannel campaigns dynamic content for emails/newsletters

Decktopus AI: presentations

Fireflies AI: note taker

Otter AI: note taker

Written By: Rochelle Reiter

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