Since our founding in Orange County in 1972, we’ve helped brands across multiple industries such as retail, healthcare, real estate and more, achieve lasting brand value. Using our signature Orange Label Approach, we translate fact-finding research into data-driven marketing strategies and compelling creative. From social media marketing to print and digital marketing, we specialize in a breadth of marketing services to ensure your brand reaches and resonates with the widest audience possible.

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The Orange Label Approach

There’s a reason we’re the longest-running privately held response marketing agency in Orange County. We stay at the forefront of communication, technology and trends and create custom marketing campaign strategies for our clients using the Orange Label Approach.

First, we start with Orange Exploration. Our marketing agency speaks with key team members on the client side to learn the brand’s business and marketing objectives. Then, we discover any limitations, sensitivities and the competitive landscape to understand where there may be pain points or areas where we can focus our efforts.

Next, we look at the View From the Field. Since nobody has more insight into a brand than its customers, we get first-hand information by learning from customers, prospects, patients and stakeholders. We take time to learn an outside perspective of the benefits and feelings associated with the brand so that we can analyze and review the information with the client before we recommend a marketing strategy.

After carefully researching and understanding a brand’s unique value proposition, our creative team develops the brand’s messaging platform. The Juice captures what the brand stands for, the tone and the message that moves the audience to take action.

Orange Label’s Marketing Execution Strategy outlines recommendations for key initiatives and delineates an implementation plan that will generate marketplace awareness and response. The Marketing Execution Strategy uses the Brand Messaging Platform as a guide and strives to reach and exceed the brand’s marketing goals.

The brands we've worked with



The key to a successful marketing campaign starts with the strategy. We begin with research so that we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s goals and current presence in the market. We question both the internal team and target consumers as well as conduct a competitive analysis to deliver an efficient marketing plan. From there, our marketing agency synthesizes engaging content with remarkable visuals and effective calls-to-action, bringing content that connects you with your audience. After we implement a strategic marketing plan, we track its efficiency and analyze the strength of every campaign. Throughout the entire process, Orange Label operates as an extension of your team to engage with your audience so that we can achieve your goals.

dameron hospital

Dameron Hospital has been serving Stockton, California and the surrounding areas for over 100 years, and the longstanding brand was looking to present a renewed presence in the community. With new, elevated levels of care in their cardiac, bariatric and orthopedic programs, Dameron Hospital looked to Orange Label to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy that would communicate new levels of care to each audience vertical. The multiplatform approach included print, digital marketing, billboards, cable and broadcast TV. The campaigns communicated their positive, progressive image and highlighted their hospital’s strengths. As a result of their campaigns, Dameron saw a significant boost in their brand awareness and image, as well as increases in workshops attended, surgeries performed and beds filled.


Branding is so much more than a logo. Your brand is what communicates who you are and how you connect to your audience. It sets you apart from your competitors, supports your company’s mission, and drives results. When we work with our clients, we apply our expertise to develop a powerful brand that will stand out to audiences. Whether it’s launching a new brand or rebranding an existing one, we put the strength of the Orange Label team behind your company to create an identity that speaks to your intended market and builds a lasting relationship with your audience.

reveal windows and doors

To establish a distinctive identity for their expanding windows and doors segment of business, Pacific Architectural Millwork looked to Orange Label to craft a new brand identity. The new brand needed to be bold and make a statement, while still speaking to their existing customer base. After interviewing the internal team along with builders, architects and customers, one word stood out: Reveal. Orange Label suggested “Reveal Windows and Doors” alongside the brand positioning, “Expand Your View.” The launch was released through a press release and Reveal made their first public appearance at the International Builders Conference. The outcome of the launch resulted in heavy foot traffic at the conference, admirable press coverage, positive industry feedback and an increase in new business.



We understand that compelling design tells a story. Orange Label’s award-winning creative team crafts creative, striking designs that resonate with your audience and keep them returning over and over again. Focused on your brand’s vision and identity, our team develops visual content that maximizes your brand’s marketing, advertising and sales goals.


Greenwell Farms has been producing 100% Kona Coffee for over 150 years. Many of their loyal customers don’t live on Hawaii’s Big Island, so an effective digital marketing and advertising strategy with eye-catching designs are imperative to reach new and existing customers and drive sales. To keep coffee at the forefront of their customers’ minds, Orange Label uses the lively brand voice and combines it with striking visuals to appeal to customers. Last year alone, the holiday promotion campaign saw a 37% increase in year-over-year overall sales.


Our marketing agency’s social media division, Orange Social, specializes in curating a dynamic strategy designed to elevate your brand’s presence. Social media is an integral part of a robust digital marketing strategy—it’s the place to resonate with your audience at every stage of the buying cycle. Users look to social media to explore, find information, filter preferences and engage with the people and brands they love. The Orange Social team starts with exceptional visuals and captivating content and optimizes timing to facilitate meaningful engagement. With the most updated tools and practices, we make it easy to review, comment on and approve social media content. Orange Social relies on metrics to gauge the success of each campaign, post and story so we know that our clients are experiencing results.

higher education skincare

Higher Education Skincare’s superior skincare line combines high-quality products with a step-by-step routine that teaches skin to be its best but in a saturated market, it was a challenge to stand out to their young Millennial and Gen Z audience. Orange Label brought the creative, content and social teams together to create a powerful product launch. We introduced a fresh color palette with a youthful aesthetic that translated well to an energetic social media field. With eye-catching visual and witty copy, Higher Education Skincare educated consumers on the importance of taking care of their skin and increased their social visibility.



For over 50 years, Orange Label has been at the forefront of trends in media planning, buying and ROI tracking. While there have been massive shifts in communication and information retention through the decades, we have continued to find success for our clients. Our goal is to drive results through strategic timing and effective communication whether through print, digital, audio or social.

southland credit union

With a member-focused history dating back to 1936, Southland Credit Union had an abundance of available resources but lacked the marketing strategy and execution required to increase their visibility in a competitive marketplace. Their challenge was to find a way to generate awareness in Los Angeles and Orange County and showcase their unique membership benefits in an exciting, captivating way. After an in-depth brand and competitive landscape analysis, Orange Label developed an effective media strategy that utilized Southland’s concept “Your Future Made Easy” and translated it into a distinct brand personality. Social media, SEO and out-of-home programmatic displays helped to drive website conversion and Southland saw a 57% conversion rate increase in the first quarter of the campaign.


The need for fresh, gripping content has never been more prominent. With so much content out in the world, how do you make yours stand out? With Orange Label content marketing. Our Orange County content marketing team acts as an extension of your brand to create a content strategy with the right voice and target audience in mind. We understand the nuances of creating optimized content for every platform so whether you are speaking to audiences on social media, email newsletters, blogs, websites, or any other medium, our team is experienced in creating and refining content that moves your audience. Our research, analytics, and KPI monitoring allow us to track the marketing plan so that our clients consistently achieve their goals.

dr. elisabeth potter

Dr. Elisabeth Potter’s Texas-based, nationally renowned practice is unique in an otherwise male-dominated industry. She was looking to spread awareness of her female-empowering approach to reconstructive breast surgery, but her team lacked the time and strategic knowledge required for creative development and content creation. Using the signature Orange Label Approach, we developed a digital marketing strategy that generated awareness of her practice on local and national levels. As a result of the omnichannel marketing campaign, Dr. Potter has seen a 138% year-over-year increase in new users to the practice’s website.

Producing Results For Brand Leaders Since 1972

You may be wondering, “Where does the ‘orange’ in Orange Label come from?”

Well, it’s actually a story that goes back nearly 200 years, to the late 1800s when artistic labels were used to cover the sides of orange crates. What made this trend so significant was that it ushered in a new form of marketing for the time. These orange growers figured out that, with a unique look and feel, they would be able to distinguish themselves from the competition and become market leaders.

At Orange Label, we believe in this “orange grower” philosophy – so much so that we named our agency after it. Through captivating marketing, we help established brands produce more: more engagement, more response, and more results.



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