Response marketing done well

Our approach

Emotion is the root of response marketing; it’s what inspires people to take action and make a change in their lives. The way that we uncover these emotions and begin building relationships with your audience is through the Orange Label Approach. This four-step process consists of the:

A focused meeting between key players at the client level and the Orange Label marketing team to explore your core business and marketing objectives, competitive landscape, history and more.
A series of one-on-one conversations with a sample of your brand’s customers, prospects and/or external stakeholders to discover the benefits and feelings associated with your product or service.
A personalized Brand Messaging Platform developed by our strategic creative department based on findings from the Orange Exploration and View from the Field to compel your target audience to take action.
A marketing strategy tailored for your brand with key initiatives and tactics to achieve your goals. We review this together and provide recommendations on next steps with our team.

Brand Architecture, Targeting and Positioning • Brand Mapping (Storytelling, Voice, Audience Personas) • Strategic Marketing Plan Development • Campaign Concepts • Product Launch • User Experience and Web • CRM • Ecommerce

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Social Media Strategy • Content Creation and Implementation • Community Management Paid Social • Influencer Marketing • Social eCommerce • Employee Advocacy

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Omni-Channel Planning • Buying Leverage and Negotiation • Buying/Placement • Post-Buy Analysis

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Collateral • Print, Outdoor and Digital Formats • Point-of-Sale • Packaging

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Copywriting • Blogs • Video • Audio • Motion/Infographics • Photography • Podcasts • Music Development

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Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis • Primary and Secondary Market Research: Competitor, Industry, Keyword Research • Campaign/CRO • Bespoke CRM Solutions • Reporting with Business Intelligence Software

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When you work with Orange Label, you get…

An employee giving attention to explaining the strategy to a customer
Undivided Attention

At Orange Label, no dream is too big and no detail is too small. We take the time to get to know you and your customers through our Orange Label Approach, develop strategic marketing plans that drive activity and host monthly Results and Momentum Meetings with your team to ongoingly optimize strategies. From media buying to social media engagement, we provide the whole package for brand wellness.

Your strategies and insights are backed by data

Through utilizing primary and secondary research along with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics, your strategies and campaigns are backed by data.

Our expert team and immersion in the industry helps your brand stay in tune with trends and anticipates changes. Our Business Intelligence (BI) software tracks results to ensure your marketing is as effective as it is creative.

Orange Label team hard at work to get you the results you deserve

Strategy is the heart of everything we do and despite being in business for 50+ years, you’ll never hear us rationalize something by saying, “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” We conduct our marketing the same way that we live – with intention. The intention behind all of our creative campaigns? Results. Our team is committed to education, open to creative discussion and ready to problem solve.

Orange Label Marketing is the leader in the digital marketing space in Orange County
Industry Leadership

As the longest-standing, privately-held response marketing agency in Orange County, we’re leaders in our space that specialize in working with fearless, entrepreneurial-minded brands. Like our clients, we’re active community leaders and passionate about what we do; that’s why we offer seasonal internships to foster the future generation of marketing leaders and produce monthly marketing content, including a blog and podcast, to help brands that are doing good, do great.