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Our mission

With 50+ years of experience, we’re on a mission to create compelling marketing for brands that foster growth for their customers and promote physical, emotional or social well-being. Like you, we’re in the industry to improve lives!

Our promise

We take ownership of our work–from the way it looks, to how it’s made, to how it performs. That’s why it’s our brand promise to deliver wow creative, stellar experience and better results.

Our perspective

Like the orange growers in the late 1800’s who differentiated their oranges with labels that appealed to their customers’ senses, we believe success starts with a grounded foundation and understanding of our client’s target demographic. We put this philosophy into action with the Orange Label Approach™.

Our values

Each Orange Label team member exemplifies one or more of these core values. Meet the people who bring these values to life.


We are movers and shakers with high energy and 


Individually we are great, yet as a team, we accomplish what to others seems impossible.


Everyone on our team innovates and creates in their own unique area of expertise.


We have fun working as a team to improve our clients’ and their customers’ lives!


Orange is what makes us different… it’s our way of being.

Our historyHistory


Driven by a fearless entrepreneurial mindset and focused on delivering results, our marketing and advertising agency is founded by Paul Barth and is known as Hunter Barth.

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Inspiring a brighter workplace in the 80s, our agency applied end-user behavioral understandings to the emerging industry of independent office technology dealers. As a recognized expert in the marketing niche, positioned dealerships as leaders in their local markets and helped them experience rapid growth.


Inspired by Orange County citrus growers that utilized crate labels as artistic marketing differentiators, the agency rebrands to become Orange Label.


Orange Social, Orange Label’s award-winning social media division is founded as a way for brands to connect to their audience.


The 19 Podcast is developed to deliver marketing insights through discussions with entrepreneurial-minded leaders in 19 minutes or less.

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Our agency coins the phrase “response marketing,” defined as emotionally evocative marketing that grabs attention, generates engagement and builds industry leadership. The three industries of focus are education, retail and healthcare.


The agency shifts focus to the wellness industry, spotting a need in the market with the goal to make a greater impact on our team, our clients, their customers and the community to improve lives.

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