Southland Credit Union


Founded in 1936, Southland Credit Union had a well-established legacy and an abundance of resources available to individuals in Orange and Los Angeles County. With a variety of checking account, savings account, home loan, auto loan and credit card offerings, Southland needed to find a way to effectively generate awareness and showcase its unique membership opportunities in a highly competitive marketplace. Presented with a diverse yet exciting challenge, Orange Label stepped up to the plate to create a detailed, response-driven marketing execution strategy that would cover all the bases.


After extensive fact-finding during the Orange Exploration and conducting secondary research, Orange Label developed a holistic analysis of marketplace perceptions, audience motivations and saw untapped opportunity. Distilling this all-encompassing data into compelling creative deliverables, Orange Label effectively developed a strategy to reach Southland’s key business and marketing goals. Orange Label created an organic content strategy for social media, SEO, SEM, out-of-home and programmatic advertising that utilizes efficient media channels and segments media vehicles per product focus. Expanding Southland’s master concept, “Your Future Made Easy,” into a distinct brand personality, Orange Label constructed a hierarchy of messaging based on words and phrases that most resonated with its members to develop captivating campaigns that would highlight the credit union’s distinct offerings.


80% conversions YOY

Through eye-catching designs and bold messaging, Orange Label created a memorable marketing plan that helped Southland see a 57% increase in website conversions during the first quarter of the campaign. With ongoing marketing efforts that include OTT and native advertising, Southland Credit Union has been able to reach target audiences that connect with their brand, resulting in an 80% increase in native ad conversions year over year.

Client kudos

“Southland Credit Union’s experience with Orange Label is exactly what one would hope for in an agency/client relationship. I’m grateful to work with Orange Label’s talented group of advertising experts who truly feel like an extension of our marketing team. Orange Label understands our brand and our business objectives and they continually deliver results to help Southland grow credit union awareness in our communities.”

Michelle Rose
AVP, Marketing, Southland Credit Union

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