Soberlink, a company that produces innovative alcohol monitoring devices that combine the functionality of professional-grade breathalyzers with the convenience and connectivity of cloud-based software, reached out to Orange Label with the business goal of generating more leads, referrals and revenue, while securing their leadership position. An additional goal was to increase customer and influencer engagement by improving access to customer education and improving the journey of end user’s research to purchase. Soberlink’s marketing objectives were to refine marketing messaging to create consistency and communicate the brand passion for improving sobriety. All of the above objectives support their ultimate mission of building awareness around the US alcoholism market and the benefits of monitoring for long-term sobriety and recovery.


Orange Label conducted a group Orange Exploration™ to uncover the key business and marketing objectives with the Soberlink Leadership and Marketing team. With clear context and goals in mind, Orange Label conducted View From the Field™ Research including 45 one-on-one interviews with treatment professionals, voluntary treatment clients, lawyers, judges and concerned parties. Out of the research, the most common theme came to light: “Accountability for Sobriety,” with two nuances for different audiences: Family Law: Accountability for Sobriety and Child Safety; Addiction Recovery: Accountability for Sobriety and Long-term Recovery. In order to reach the varied audiences in each vertical segment, an integrated media strategy was created and included organic social media, targeted paid social media, print and email. A consistent blog strategy was also developed and included actual interviews with industry professionals. WIth a consistent message plan, an enhanced brand look was created including creative assets for traditional and digital media.


Elevated brand positioning while increasing month of month sales consistently.

As a result of the extensive research and refined brand look and messaging, Soberlink was able to consistently experience month over month growth. Now, Soberlink is know as the leader in alcohol monitoring space.


Client kudos

“The Orange Label team is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented. They understood the sensitive nature of our brand and helped us create messaging that truly resonated with our audience. We appreciate their focus on wellness brands and recommend them for teams who need agency help with marketing.”

Thy-An Tran
Director of Marketing and Advertising, Soberlink

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