Orange Label was hired by a collective group of companies with the mission to create and champion sustainable loop solutions that preserve the environment and empower everyone to contribute to a more sustainable future. These companies develop plastic products and provide recycling services to sustainable agriculture, commercial, consumer, materials and stretch solutions industries. The marketing goal was to develop and roll out a master brand for Command Packaging, Revolution Bag, Revolution Plastics, Rodeo Plastics and Delta Plastics that clearly and simply communicates the collective organization’s purpose and mission, while creating opportunity for growth and launching a movement for “good plastics.”


Orange Label conducted a group Orange Exploration™ with the owners and leadership team of the collective companies to understand the full context and vision of the new brand. This alignment meeting provided a solid foundation for the View From the Field™ Research. Orange Label conducted one-on-one interviews with leaders from each of the collective companies to discover challenges and opportunities of creating a master brand, common core values and differentiators of the collective brand. Next, Orange Label created the key benefit statements of the master brand as well as developed the positioning statement, “Believe in Better Plastics.” With the brand messaging created, Orange Label created a logo and style guide to lay the foundation of the new brand. The style guide included the brand narrative, brand benefits, brand “why”, brand voice, positioning statement, elevator speech, company values, design, brand colors, logo and variations, fonts, photography, co-branding between master and sub-brands, stationary and signatures and iconography. The style guide and research allowed a cohesive social media plan to be developed as well as a landing page.

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Launched Master Brand

Since the master brand launched in 2018, Revolution has made an enormous impact to further its mission. They recover, process and clean more than 300 million pounds of material each year. They have diverted 3 billion pounds of used material from landfills and save more than 100 billion gallons of water annually with their irrigation planning software. While manufacturing products with up to 100% post-consumer resin, Revolution is making remarkable progress towards a more sustainable future.

Client kudos

“Orange Label approaches all projects in a thorough and strategic way that makes you think beyond each request. Leadership takes pride in all they do and that transcends through the organization.”

Cherish Changala
VP, Marketing, Revolution

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