Greenwell Farms


Greenwell Farms is a family-run Kona Coffee farm on Big Island, Hawaii. As one of the largest and oldest coffee producers in Kona with roots dating back to 1850, Greenwell Farms has a rich history in their community. With the goal of year-over-year increases in sales, and engaging with existing and new customers at their farm store each season bring a new challenge. A client for nearly 25 years, Orange Label continues to work with Greenwell Farms to keep the brand connected to their loyal following, establish regular customers and encourage farm visits.


Connecting customers from across the world to Greenwell Farms’ 100% Kona Coffee began with establishing an online shopping presence on their website and then later expanding their presence to Amazon. So that customers can set up recurring shipments, the Orange Label team actively promotes their Coffee Club, where members receive exclusive offers and 10% off each order. Through market research and communication with the Greenwell family, Orange Label created, designed and implemented an enhanced website with new features as well as an evolved brand identity, including new package designs to embody their history and portray a more elevated, modern feel. With an active social media presence, Orange Label manages their online social communities, engages with customers and oversees an active annual promotion calendar. Strategic direction is provided for all communications, new product offerings (such as their Single Origin Estate Chocolate) and media opportunities.


14% increase in 2022 revenue 
over 2021

Drawing new visitors to the farm, sparking communication between customers and Greenwell Farms on social media and creating an evolved brand look has increased the farm’s reach and created new loyal customers. Seasonal promotions with strategic media distribution and carefully crafted creative pieces have increased sales exponentially year-over-year. With Coffee Club members continuing to grow and CRM optimized on a monthly basis, Greenwell Farms is able to satisfy customer needs and remain ahead of the curve for the specialty food and beverage industry.

Client kudos

“We have been working with Orange Label for over 20 years. Throughout that period, they have demonstrated a real knack for finding significant creative talent and resources. They have become our outsourced Marketing Department; the perfect solution for a mid-sized company to have a Fortune 500 sized marketing and customer outreach.”

Steve Hicks
CFO, Greenwell Farms

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