Dameron Hospital Recognized for Creativity in Marketing

May 16, 2017

Orange Label client Dameron Hospital is producing award-winning work. Based in Stockton, CA, this thriving brand leader bolsters its community and the healthcare industry as a whole with innovative and evocative marketing. Year after year, Dameron Hospital is recognized for its marketing prowess and this year was no exception. The medical center’s lumivascular advertising campaign received Gold and Silver accolades in the 2017 Healthcare Ad Awards. Honoring creativity and design in the world of healthcare, the Healthcare Advertising Awards received approximately 4,000 entries this year, making it the largest healthcare advertising awards competition and one of the 10 largest competitions in the world of advertising.

Dameron Hospital is the first hospital in Sacramento, San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties to provide patients with lumivascular treatment, a minimally invasive, state-of-the-art technology specifically designed to treat Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). With this offering, people in the Stockton community and beyond now have convenient access to life-changing treatment – but how do we package this powerful message in the form of an advertisement?

First, Dameron Hospital and Orange Label defined an overall tone, direction and outcome for the campaign. PAD is a painful circulatory condition that affects millions across the United States. Causing leg pain and cramping, PAD can prevent people from living a full and active life, and can even lead to amputation. Dameron Hospital and Orange Label created a multimedia advertising campaign comprised of a brochure, print ads, landing page and more. The images and text would not only exhibit pain points, but also express how Dameron Hospital’s lumivascular technology is a solution. With the overarching theme “Is Leg Pain Holding You Back?” the campaign builds a strong call to action as viewers are presented with a relatable image of a person suffering from the everyday impact of PAD.

In addition to calling attention to PAD, these advertisements were designed to concisely communicate the benefits of lumivascular technology. As seen in the print advertisements and longer-form brochure, bullet points and succinct messaging highlight the benefits of this innovative technology with powerful word choice. Most notably, this campaign emphasizes Dameron Hospital’s investment in lumivascular technology, which results in positive patient outcomes and accelerated recovery times.

This unique approach drove response. Dameron Hospital received a high volume of inquiries to learn more about this innovative, local treatment. This success is reflected in Dameron Hospital’s Healthcare Advertising Award win. “Dameron’s CEO Lorraine Auerbach is forward-thinking and is committed to providing high quality healthcare and service to the greater Stockton community. The awards are validation that Dameron Hospital is at the leading-edge of San Joaquin County’s specialized acute and tertiary care,” said Orange Label CEO Wes Phillips.

To learn more about Orange Label’s clients, visit www.orangelabelmarketing.com/work.

Written By: Janell Rowland

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