4 Tips for a Successful Fourth Quarter

August 24, 2021

As we approach the start of September and beginning of fall, thoughts of pumpkin spice, cooler weather and cozy sweaters may be swirling around your head like the yellow, orange leaves falling from the trees. While the transition to fall, or any other season for that matter, isn’t nearly as evident in Southern California where Orange Label is – the transition to the fourth quarter is. That’s why we’ve gathered four points to help you get down to business and ensure your fourth quarter marketing is on track for success.

Conduct a Comprehensive Progress Review 

If you’ve already begun your 2022 company planning, kudos to you! Whether your plans are set or just getting started, it’s important to revisit what your 2021 goals were and where they currently stand. With one quarter left to optimize and a new year ahead, here are a few items to review. 

Check for Market Changes 

With uncertainty from the pandemic continuing, it’s more important than ever to remain aware of market changes and trends. As the saying goes, “the best offense is a good defense,” so these market changes should be checked nearly as often as you check your email. This time we’re only half kidding. Here are key factors to keep in mind. 

Ensure Your Team is Aligned on Goals 

As emotional intelligence expert Lindon Crow shares in The 19: Entrepreneur Edition podcast, a leader has to be able to unite their team and move them toward their goal. “A brand’s mission is based on values and purpose. So, it’s not just saying, ‘Here’s where we’re going,” it’s… having the ability to bring somebody onboard when they’re off,” Crow says. There are a variety of methods to ensure this is achieved. 

Take Your Insights Into 2022 

We’ve looked at the detailed steps in optimizing your Q4 strategy, now let’s look at the big picture when it comes to your 2022 goals. These tips will ensure your budget, marketing strategy and resources are all set. 

When it comes to Q4 , it’s more than just prioritizing the ability to “finish strong.” It’s about fine-tuning your strategy to create success for the long-run. For marketing that drives action and response, contact the Orange Label team at info@orangelabelmarketing.com.

Written By: Michelle Komala

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